Still Born

Who we are

Dr. Adinda van ’t Klooster

Adinda is an interdisciplinary artist who works with drawing, animation, sound, light, sculpture, virtual reality and live audiovisual performance. Her work has been commissioned throughout the UK, and exhibited, performed and screened internationally. Many of her works explore issues of life, death and fertility. She is also interested in the overlapping areas of art and science, and has been involved in many interdisciplinary projects exploring the links between music and art. Her works on stillbirth started ten years ago when her first daughter was stillborn. Her works can be seen at:

Professor Alexander Heazell

Alexander is the Director of the Tommy’s Stillbirth Research Centre in St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester and is a Consultant Obstetrician. Alex has co-ordinated a large public engagement project to enable parents to set the research agenda in stillbirth and was involved in Stillbirth Stories an oral archive of parents’ experiences of stillbirth to give information to parents and professionals to improve bereavement care.

Toby Harris

Toby built the Each Egg a World online artwork. His work spans art, design and engineering.


This project is supported by SANDS; their charity vision is for a world where fewer babies die and when a baby does die, anyone affected receives the best possible care and support for as long as needed. Sands supports research to find answers as to why babies die and drives improvements in maternity and neonatal care. SANDS provides support to bereaved parents through their national helpline, support groups, an online community and beautiful memory boxes. SANDS trains health care professionals to help them support bereaved parents in the most sensitive and helpful ways.

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