Still Born

Still Born Artworks

The artworks by Adinda van ’t Klooster in the Still Born exhibition were made over a ten-year period. Using drawing, sculpture, 3D printing and digital collage and mixed media the artist explores the difficult feelings of grief one goes through after a stillbirth. Denial and anger are represented in the early porcelain uterus pieces and Tree of Sadness, made in 2013, highlights feelings of deep sadness and isolation. In my more recent works the artist has been able to take more distance and approach the subject matter as a societal and medical problem, not just a personal one. The first exhibition took place in Manchester coinciding with the international IFPA placenta conference. A brochure made available then provides a further explanation of each of the artworks.

Previously exhibited Still Born artworks

Still Born Exhibition at Manchester Central from Adinda van 't Klooster on Vimeo.

In 2017 Adinda commissioned eight poets to respond to a selection of the artworks through poetry. All of these poems are combined in the Still Born book and some of them are shown alongside the artworks in the exhibition tour of 2020-2021.

Visitor's comments on the interim Still Born exhibition as exhibited at IFPA2017 at Manchester central were:

"Good artworks such as these demand careful consideration of the subject represented. There are no quick or easy, right or wrong answers."
"It personalizes the experience and starts a conversation between people and within ourselves."
"An essential aspect of understanding the topic.”
"Invites discussion of taboo subjects."
"It's giving a public output to a deeply personal experience – an experience that many people go through and may not have the support to grieve or speak about it."
"Yes, it is treated like never before."
"It helps families with stillbirth see they are not alone."
"For centuries we have had art about death, but not often is stillbirth depicted."

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